Client: Hockey club

Problem: Goals only available from Europe 

A local hockey club were looking to replace their goals with new ones which could only be sourced from mainland Europe.  Transport costs were excessive and the lead-time to deliver was somewhere in the region of 8 to 16 weeks. They approached Royal Fabrication with detailed dimensions and a description of the goals. The goals needed to be moved from game to game so weight, ease of assembly/disassembly and transport were significant considerations.

Outcome: Made locally and cheaper

Given the many factors that needed to be considered in the design and construction of the hockey goals, it was decided that a prototype should be developed and tested first. Working closely with the hockey sports club, a design was developed and a prototype made using local suppliers. The basic design allowed the goal to be folded for transport and wheeled into position on a pitch.

The prototype goal was then supplied to Leinster Hockey Ireland to be tested for several weeks. Based on first hand experience of using the goal, the design was refined and improved further.

As a result of this collaborative design and development approach, the goal is now, not just a viable option but possibly superior alternative to the imported goals. The goals are now available as a product for purchase – Back Board Goal – Standard Size Foldable Hockey training goal on wheels.

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During delivery of the goals to various clubs and from speaking to the club managers we discovered a need for storage cages, dugouts, full size goals, extra small training goals and a broad range of custom kit.  We were able to design and make these bespoke requirements.

If your sports club or gym have trouble finding the right kind equipment at the right price, with your input, we can just about create anything you can imagine.

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