Aluminium Scaffolding

Client: Building equipment supplier

Problem: Sourcing specialist scaffolding

A construction industry supplier wanted to source an Irish company that could produce a specialist type of aluminium scaffolding.  They were previously manufacturing the product in Great Britain but due to shortage of material, long delivery times and excessive price increases related to Brexit, an alternative source for manufacturing was required. As a result of enquiries made through trusted sources Royal Fabrication were recommended.

Outcome: Regulatory compliant product manufacturing

The product was needed for specific types of usages and needed to meet a wide range of regulations and tolerances that apply within the construction industry. To accelerate the design process, the client provided us with samples of previously manufactured products and their design drawings for examination. Taking on board their additional requirements for improvements, a working sample was produced.

The client sent this sample to be tested by a third party. The sample product passed all the required & relevant weight, bearing and regulatory tests.

Having passed the regulatory hurdle, this specialised scaffolding is now being produced in Ireland for the client.

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In addition to scaffolding, we can also produce ancillary items such as Hop Ups, Spandeck, ladders and toe boards. Within the construction and light industrial sector, we can produce single or bulk aluminium and steel equipment (even to special specifications or extreme standards).

Whether you need one unit or a flexible manufacturing arrangement for specialist equipment, we can get it done for you.

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