When security is the utmost priority for our homes, let us help you get to the gates of your dreams and also in keeping your homes safe at the same time. Gates are manufactured on a made to order basis. Whatever you maybe looking for, we can build the gate of your dreams as per your specific requirements and also install them at the sites no matter where you are in Dublin/Ireland. We can provide restoration services for the existing gates and railings. (cross check with client)
Stainless steels and aluminium are best used as they are more durable. As for the appearances galvanising can be done to prevent rusting and powder coating after for better results in minimal maintenance and a choice of long lasting colours as to choose from. (To know more about galvanising and powder coating links)
All finished products are installed by our team on site.
We can design and manufacture a variety of different types of gates. Some examples are discussed below:
Automated Sliding Gates
The simplest type of motor, runs on a track set on the ground. To use this type of gate, sufficient space is required for the gate to run back.
Automated Cantilever Gates
This system is similar to sliding gates but the difference is that there are no tracks required. An advantage here is that it can also operate across sloped entrances.
However, these gates add comfort, safety and security. You will not have to step out of your car to open and shut the gates as you leave. There are three ways in which swing gates can be automated - below ground operators for swing gates, above ground motors - articulated arm for swing gates, above ground motors - linear or rigid arm for swing gates. ( how to operate these needs to be confirmed from client)

To protect your properties and keep trespassers from coming into your territories.
Domestic Railings
Railings fall into 4 categories - straight bar, bow top and decorative which are vertical bars, cross bars and estate railings which are horizontal bars. Besides these there are vast variations and additions that can be added to personalise your design.
Dog Runs
We build standard modular separate areas as well as compound cages or run or enclosures for your animals. You can give your pets a separate area within and outside your homes. You can get your systems built and personalised as per your design and size of areas.
Wall Toppings
To prevent your property and home from intrusion we also build wall spikes, barbed razor wires, rotating deterrent and other customised wall toppings. For individual problems we fabricate special solutions to which our mesh ranges and railings can adapt to suit your requirements.
Gate Closer
When it comes to homes, a Gate Closer is one thing that is very helpful as no one really closes the gate unless its the residents. Having mentioned that the gate closer offers a reliable cost effective mechanical solution to this problem without wiring. It fits any type of swing gate, there are a few dimensional requirements but most gates will meet them. It is easy to install and requires no regular maintenance. The gate closer will not hinder the use of electronic gate entry systems and the controlled manner of closure reduces the risk of injury to pedestrians, especially small children.

Railings come in various sizes, heights, widths and designs.
Solid round bar railing - Most common and difficult to climb barrier. The tops can be plain or pointed.
Decorative and custom railing - These railings can be given the designs of the Victorian and Georgian eras, as they are based on the structure of our solid, round and square tube designs.
Solid square railing - Due to its solid square design, it has punched flat bar top and plain bottom trails which can be used in high security purposes. The top of the bars can be pointed or plain.
Flat bar railing - Flat bars are highly popular with the architects, designers and contractors. As they are made from rolled steel flat it gives the finished products a modern contemporary look. Railings can be custom to your bespoke designs.
We also build custom standard, bi-fold and infill gates as per the client’s requirements. To get the right guidance and services you may get in touch with us thirty=ugh email or phone call with our experts. All our products are galvanised to a long lasting protection from rusting with the option of powder coating in which you can have a choice of colour.
A few other projects are :-
Deck railing
Cable railing
In house bi-fold
Railings for stairs, infants and pets
Fence panels
Driveway gates

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